Product FAQ

Shipping policy

Sorry, Cypre Bikes are only available for purchase in Canada. 

Shipping times vary depending on what province you are in and can be anywhere between 2 - 10 days. We aim to have your bike enroute to you within 72hrs of purchase, weekends excluded. We proudly ship with Canpar and will give you a tracking number once your order has shipped. 

Returns & Warranty

Cypre Bikes warrants that its frames and forks will be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship for one year after they are first purchased. This warranty does not cover bicycle components, parts, accessories, paint or decals, and can be void if the bicycle was improperly assembled, has been modified, or has been subject to use beyond normal wear and tear. This warranty does not cover return shipping. Product defects must be confirmed by either photograph or a professional bicycle mechanic. This warranty is valid only for original owners in Canada and is non-transferable. Proof of purchase is required.

The warranty does not cover:

1. Paint and decals, surface finishes or other cosmetic damages.

2. Normal wear and tear.

3. Damage to components or parts as a result of improper assembly.

4. Consumable parts such as: bicycle tubes, tires, brake pads, bearings, cables and grips.

5. Damage as a result of improper or inadequate follow-up maintenance.

6. Installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended or not compatible with the bike as sold.

7. Damage or failure due to accidents, misuse, theft, abuse or neglect.

8. Damage as a result of improper use including, but not limited to, crashing into things or crashing in general, riding in extreme terrain, BMX or skate parks, staircases, abuse of the product, or any other circumstances in which the product has been subjected to forces or loads beyond its design.

This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification to the frame, fork or components. This warranty will not cover any damage or loss arising out of commercial use, including rental use. All products to which a warranty claim is made must be returned at the cost of the buyer.

We recommend all bikes purchased be assembled by a professional bike shop mechanic.

Returns will be accepted within 14 days, except items indicated as final sale. The bicycle must be returned in like new condition. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Returns must be repacked in the original box with all of the original packing materials and repacked so that the frame, stem, handlebars and all other parts are protected during transport.

Returns for reasons other than factory defect will result in the buyer assuming the cost of the original outbound shipment in addition to the cost of shipping the returned item. This outbound shipping cost will be deducted from the refund.

Returns must be pre-authorized by Cypre Bikes and confirmed by photograph or by a bike mechanic at your local bike shop. Pre-authorization can be obtained by emailing

If there is a defect or shipping damage, Cypre Bikes will either arrange and pay for local repair, or exchange/refund the bicycle once returned, at the discretion of Cypre Bikes.

Assembly & Fit

Yes you do. The bike comes to you about 90% assembled, but you will need to do the last bit. We highly recommend taking the bike to your local bike shop and having a bike mechanic complete the assembly for you. If you decide to do the assembly at home, we have prepared an assembly video for you to help you through the process. Should our directions not be clear and if you have any questions about the assembly process, stop your home assembly and please contact us at 

Step-through model - 5'0 - 6'0

Diamond Frame - 5'5 - 6'3

Have a look at this page for more information. 


Bikes are about 30lbs! Which is pretty light if you ask us.

Nope! But they are pretty close! There are parts that will rust over time especially if they are constantly wet or stored outside. Over time, you can expect to see a bit of rusting on:

- crank bolts

- hub washers

- seat post quick release washers

- pedal spindle 

- the screws attaching the reflector and bell 

All we can say here is that you get what you pay for. Quality parts cost money. We have upgraded many of the parts on our bikes so they will outlast their cheaper counterparts. The Gates Carbon belt drive drivetrain is also a big upgrade from a lower cost steel cog, crank, chain system. 

If you're in Tofino, you're in luck! Our bikes are currently being used as a rental at Tofino Bike Co. If you are interested in seeing them in action, or trying one out you can find them there. 

Pretty awesome. 

Future Repair and Maintenance

We know that the belt drive might be new to many of you! So here are some of our FAQs about the belt drive train. 

With its advanced no-stretch carbon cord technology your belt will last much longer than a chain. How long depends on how much you ride! It also depends on how well you take care of you bike. You can check the Gates Carbon Drive Website for information on Belt care. 

The Belt Drive owners manual can be found HERE.

Have a look at the great Video collection provided by Gates HERE. You can also check out their FAQs HERE.

From us here at Cypre Bikes! We have you covered if you need a replacement belt or front/rear cog. Contact us at for more information.