Congratulations on your new bike purchase!

Your bike is shipped about 90% assembled, but there is a bit left to do. You have options!

1) Local Bike Shop Mechanic

Take it to your local bike shop and have their mechanic assemble it and do the safety check for you. Shops usually charge a pretty reasonable rate to provide this service for you. And, bonus, they will recycle all of the packaging for you.


2) Home Assembly

While we highly recommend having a bike mechanic down at your local bike shop complete the assembly, check belt alignment, and perform a safety check on your new bike, we know that some of you will want to do the assembly yourself. 

Tools needed:

  • 10mm combination wrench - for the brake bolt
  • 15mm combination wrench - for the pedals and hubs
  • 6mm Allen wrench -  for quill stem bolt and handlebar clamp bolt
  • Phillips head screwdriver for the bell and reflectors
  • Bike pump
  • Gates App Tension Meter App to check belt tension - Android or iPhone
  • Bike grease is recommended


Cypre Bikes Manual  Here is the manual for your new Cypre Bike. Have a read through as there is some important safety information in there for you. 

Gates Belt Drive Manual: Here is the manual for your Gates Belt Drive System.


We have put together this assembly video to guide you through the process.  

IMPORTANT: Should our directions not be clear and if you have any questions about the assembly process, stop your home assembly and please reach out to us at 

Our bikes come perfectly tensioned at about 30Hz. Check out the video below on how to check your tension. 

Your belt comes from the Factory set at the correct tension. Learn how to check your belt tension with the phone App. Watch Ben from Gates walk you through it.