Our Story

We're tired of rusty, oily chains & low quality parts

A solution to a problem

Cypre Bikes brand bicycles was born out of a need for a better bike here on the wet West Coast. Our debut model, the cruiser, is the dream child of a dozen cruisers before it. Founded in 2018, our brand came from years of experience riding bikes subjected to the west-coast elements: sand, salt & rain. Then taking that knowledge and custom designing the perfect west coast cruiser.

"No more throw-away bikes"

Our founder also owns a bike rental and repair shop. Every day she saw customer bikes with parts seized beyond repair by rust. They often had disintegrated bearings, water-logged saddles, wobbly un-true wheels and flat tires. One of the biggest issues was the constant flow of saggy, rusty, broken chains which needed replacement - that's a lot of waste!


A better bike

Built with quality parts

no more throw away bikes